We gotta be serious for a moment!

Have you ever had an idea which made your heart smile? A dream so unfathomable to everyone you tell, but to you it's so crystal clear?

Now, have you ever let go of that dream because it seemed so out of your grasp?

We have. And it's not a fun feeling.


The truth is, pretty much everyone has this kind of thought process at some point in their life. 

Oftentimes our very souls feel such a deep longing to accomplish something. But far too often if we can't find the people to help us, we put the idea on the shelf until it's "a better time".

If any of that sounds like an experience you've had before, we want to help you!


It has been 3 years of team building, company development and testing our games. Our team could not be happier with how far we've come. but to continue moving forward we need your help.

With Eruptious Games, we are transforming our visions and dreams into realities, and our dream of helping others achieve their dreams can't possibly come true; without helping as many of you accomplish your dreams too!


We want to hear from you!

Whether we can help you directly, or send a partner your way... we would love to learn about you and your goals.

What makes your heart smile? What gets you so excited by the mere thought of it?

If time and money weren't an issue, what would you be doing with it; and how many people could you help?

How can we help you?

Tell us your favorite dream:

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