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meet terence!

Terence Barrington is the founder of Eruptious Games. 

From that early toddler moment when his brain understood what games were, he has been infatuated with how they work. 

How do they bring complete strangers together, and create the same excitement as if you were playing with family? 

How do they create curiosity and break that social barrier to help others out of their comfort zone? How are they so dang fun?!

There are a seemingly endless amount of questions when attempting to understand how Gamification works.

Everything about tabletop gaming fascinates him. One of his biggest goals for the company is to help spread awareness of how immensely impact-full tabletop gaming can be to countless lives.

Terence is a visionary. An inventor of games and a lover of everything in the tabletop universe.

photo credit:

 Theodora Kalavesis - Photography 

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